Human immunodeficiency virus infectious disease

created [InstanceEdit:1660557] Matthews, L, 2011-10-13
databaseName DOID
dbId 1660559
definition A viral infectious disease that results_in destruction of immune system, leading to life-threatening opportunistic infections and cancers, has_material_basis_in Human immunodeficiency virus 1 or has_material_basis_in Human immunodeficiency virus 2, which are transmitted_by sexual contact, transmitted_by transfer of blood, semen, vaginal fluid, pre-ejaculate, or breast milk, transmitted_by congenital method, and transmitted_by contaminated needles. The virus infects helper T cells (CD4+ T cells) which are directly or indirectly destroyed, macrophages, and dendritic cells. The infection has_symptom diarrhea, has_symptom fatigue, has_symptom fever, has_symptom vaginal yeast infection, has_symptom headache, has_symptom mouth sores, has_symptom muscle aches, has_symptom sore throat, and has_symptom swollen lymph glands.
displayName Human immunodeficiency virus infectious disease
identifier 526
  • Human immunodeficiency virus infectious disease
referenceDatabase [ReferenceDatabase:1247631] DOID
schemaClass Disease
  • HIV infection


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