Gene set enrichment analysis (GSEA) conducted on Reactome’s carbohydrate metabolism pathways identifies the Pentose phosphate pathway and the Glucose metabolism pathway as the two most frequently upregulated pathways in tumors with high tumor-specific total mRNA expression (TmS) across 15 tumor types; TmS is a novel tumor phenotype-predictive quantitative feature described by Cao et al. in the November 2022 issue of Nature Biotechnology.

Reactome pathway gene sets in the MSigDB facilitated identification of the liver proteasome transcriptional switch that acts as the fasting timer in intermittent fasting in work published by Wei et al. in Cell Reports on October 25, 2022. The authors suggest that a 16-hour interval in intermittent fasting may be most beneficial for health.

Reactome pathway enrichment analysis helps to pinpoint expansion of regulatory T cells as a new biomarker of CAR T cell therapy resistance and toxicity in patients with B cell lymphoma. The study was published by Good et al. in Nature Medicine on September 12, 2022.