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Reactome is documented for users at all levels of sophistication. The online User’s Guide begins with entry-level information that describes what our resource contains and how its pathways are organized. The guide leads users through the process of browsing Reactome, searching for particular biological and chemical molecules or pathways of interest, interpreting experimental datasets through the website and the more specialized ReactomeFIViz app.

Other online documentation includes complete descriptions of the Reactome data model and database schema, information for managers of external biological resources on how to link to specific types of Reactome pages, and information on how to cite the resource in publications. In addition, users can download specialized documentation that describes how to use the curator tool, a Reactome specific software tool for submitting data directly to the knowledgebase. One goal for Reactome has been the development of reusable software tools and data resources for managing and visualizing pathway information. This requires the creation of portable software and careful documentation. We believe in documenting our curatorial practices and policies as well, allowing other groups to understand and adopt our best practices.

As with extensions of Reactome and integration of new data and software, clear documentation of these methods are developed and, when possible, published in peer-reviewed journals. Documentation is actively maintained to at a level of high polish! We ask our broader base of users to join Reactome curators, technical writers, developers and educators beyond our primary institutions: OICR, OHSU, NYU, and EBI in developing, refining, and improving our documentation.

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