Reciprocal linking between related bioinformatics resources not only encourages mutual traffic but ensures that Reactome users can quickly linkout to the source reference material as they navigate through our website. Furthermore, many Reactome visitors are referred to this web site by many bioinformatics resources that integrate Reactome data. These resources include UniProt, Genecards, OMIM, NCBI Biosystems, MSigDB, HGNC, NextProt, BioGPS, Pathway Commons, and Wikipathways.

Our goal with distributing different sets of files for each identifier type (i.e. protein (UniProt), gene (Ensembl and NCBI), small molecule (ChEBI), and microRNA (miRBase)) is to link the source database identifier to:

  1. the lowest level pathway diagram or subset of the pathway,
  2. all level pathway diagrams, and all reaction events.

The identifier mapping files can be obtained from our Downloads section.

An alternative strategy to link to Reactome can be achieved by creating URLs containing the name of and an identifier from an “external” database in the following format:

Click here to see the external databases and list of identifiers available in the current release of Reactome

Below are few concrete examples: