Ellis R Levin

Reviewed Pathways (3/3)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2019-02-20 R-HSA-9009391 Extra-nuclear estrogen signaling BibTex
2019-02-20 R-HSA-9634635 Estrogen-stimulated signaling through PRKCZ BibTex
2019-02-20 R-HSA-9634638 Estrogen-dependent nuclear events downstream of ESR-membrane signaling BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/32)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2019-02-20 R-HSA-9625813 S1P binds S1PR3 in response to E2 stimulation BibTex
2019-02-20 R-HSA-9625814 SPHK1 phosphorylates sphingosine in response to E2 stimulation BibTex
2019-02-20 R-HSA-9632910 ESR1- and PRCKZ-dependent MAPK1 translocation to the nucleus BibTex
2019-02-20 R-HSA-9632918 PRKCZ stimulates RAS nucleotide exchange in response to estrogen BibTex
2019-02-20 R-HSA-9632906 PRKCZ recruits RAS in response to estrogen stimulation BibTex
2019-02-20 R-HSA-9632858 PRKCZ autophosphorylates downstream of estrogen stimulation BibTex
2019-02-20 R-HSA-9632412 PTK2 is recruited to methylated ESR1 BibTex
2019-02-20 R-HSA-9625487 PTK2 autophosphorylates downstream of EGFR BibTex
2019-02-20 R-HSA-9625482 PTK2 binds activated EGFR BibTex
2019-02-20 R-HSA-9021660 PI3K binds membrane-associated estrogen receptors BibTex
2019-02-20 R-HSA-9021609 ESR-associated SRC autophosphorylates BibTex
2019-02-20 R-HSA-9021596 Membrane estrogen receptors bind SRC BibTex
2019-02-20 R-HSA-9021600 G-proteins dissociate from plasma-membrane estrogen receptors BibTex
2019-02-20 R-HSA-9021601 Heterotrimeric G protein (i) binds membrane-associated ESRs:ESTG BibTex
2019-02-20 R-HSA-9027670 ESTG binding induces ESR depalmitoylation BibTex
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