PTK2 autophosphorylates downstream of EGFR

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Stimulation of cells with either E2 (beta-estradiol), tamoxifen or G1 (a GPER1 agonist) enhances EGFR-dependent FAK autophosphorylation at Y397 (Sieg et al, 2000; Liu et al, 2010; Tsai et al, 2013). Signaling occurs through both GPER1 and ER alpha (ESR1) and induces cell proliferation and migration through the EGFR-PI3K-ERK pathway (Liu et al, 2010; Tsai et al, 2013; reviewed in Zhu et al, 2018). FAK autophosphorylation is also required for FOS (c-fos) induction downstream of E2 (Liu et al, 2010; Tsai et al, 2013; Maggiolini et al, 2004; Vivacqua et al, 2006a,b).
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