Estrogen receptor binds IGF1R and SHC1 in response to estrogen

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Estrogen stimulates phosphorylation of the insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor (IGF1R) in a manner that depends on ESR1 but is independent of stimulation by the cognate IGF1 ligand (Richards et al, 1996; Richards et al, 1998; Kleinman et al, 1995; Lee et al, 1999; Kahlert et al, 2000; Song et al, 2002; Song et al, 2004). Estrogen-dependent phosphorylation of IGF1R depends on a physical interaction between the estrogen-bound estrogen receptor and IGF1R and may be promoted by SHC1 and SRC, although the molecular details are not established (Song et al, 2004). In one model, interaction of liganded ESR1 with SHC promotes the activation of SRC and active SRC then phosphorylates IGF1R at tyrosine residues required for SHC interaction. In this way, both SHC and liganded-ESR1 would be brought to IGF1R in a SRC-dependent manner. Consistent with this, SHC has been shown to activate SRC; however, this model has not been rigorously validated (Sato et al, 2002; Song et al, 2004). E2-stimulated IGF1R pathway activation also depends on activation of the MAPK pathway, as IGF1R phosphorylation is abrogated upon treatment of cells with MAPKK inhibitors (Kahlert et al, 2000; Song et al, 2004).
In addition to MAPK pathway activation, E2-dependent IGF1R activation promotes signaling through the EGFR pathway in a manner that depends on MMP2 and MMP9, suggesting that the cross-talk is mediated at the level of liberation of HBEGF from the plasma membrane (Song et al, 2004; Song et al, 2007, Santen et al, 2009). The details of this connection also remain to be fleshed out.
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