ESR-associated SRC autophosphorylates

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Estrogen treatment stimulates autophosphorylation of SRC at tyrosine 419 (Haynes et al, 2003). SRC catalytic activity is required for signaling to PI3K, AKT and eNOS, as both a kinase dead version of SRC and treatment of cells with a SRC inhibitor abrogate phosphorylation of these downstream targets. SRC interacts with the p85 regulatory subunit of PI3K and in this way promotes assembly of an estrogen-responsive signaling complex in the caveolae (Simoncini et al, 2000; Hayes et al, 2003; Castoria et al, 2001; Castoria et al, 2012; Le Romancer et al, 2008).

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protein tyrosine kinase activity of ESRs:STRN:ESTG:MyrG-SRC [plasma membrane]

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