Bernard de Bono

Authored Pathways (15/68)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2024-03-06 R-HSA-168898 Toll-like Receptor Cascades BibTex
2011-05-22 R-HSA-1280218 Adaptive Immune System BibTex
2008-03-05 R-HSA-210993 Tie2 Signaling BibTex
2008-02-26 R-HSA-373756 SDK interactions BibTex
2008-02-26 R-HSA-210991 Basigin interactions BibTex
2008-02-26 R-HSA-210990 PECAM1 interactions BibTex
2008-02-26 R-HSA-373753 Nephrin family interactions BibTex
2008-01-24 R-HSA-202430 Translocation of ZAP-70 to Immunological synapse BibTex
2008-01-24 R-HSA-202427 Phosphorylation of CD3 and TCR zeta chains BibTex
2008-01-24 R-HSA-202424 Downstream TCR signaling BibTex
2008-01-24 R-HSA-202433 Generation of second messenger molecules BibTex
2008-01-24 R-HSA-202403 TCR signaling BibTex
2007-07-08 R-HSA-198933 Immunoregulatory interactions between a Lymphoid and a non-Lymphoid cell BibTex
2007-01-10 R-HSA-190372 FGFR3c ligand binding and activation BibTex
2007-01-10 R-HSA-190371 FGFR3b ligand binding and activation BibTex
Authored Reactions (15/227)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2008-03-05 R-HSA-210974 Interaction of SOS-1 to Tie2 bound Grb2 BibTex
2008-03-05 R-HSA-204871 Interaction of Tie2 and Grb2 BibTex
2008-03-05 R-HSA-210872 Trans-phosphorylation of Tie2 BibTex
2008-03-05 R-HSA-210881 Dimerization of Tie2/Ang1 complex BibTex
2008-03-05 R-HSA-204779 Interaction of Tie2 with Ang1 BibTex
2008-03-05 R-MMU-211119 Trans-phosphorylation of Tie2 BibTex
2008-03-05 R-HSA-204873 Interaction of Tie2 and Shp2 BibTex
2008-03-05 R-HSA-204824 Interaction of Tie2 and Ang4 BibTex
2008-03-05 R-HSA-204863 Interaction of Tie2 with Ang2 BibTex
2008-03-05 R-HSA-204813 Interaction of Tie2 and Grb14 BibTex
2008-03-05 R-HSA-204861 Interaction of Tie2 and Shc1 BibTex
2008-03-05 R-HSA-210977 Sos-mediated nucleotide exchange of Ras (Tie2 receptor:Grb2:Sos) BibTex
2008-03-05 R-HSA-204798 Interaction of Tie2 and p85 of PI3K BibTex
2008-03-05 R-HSA-204773 Interaction of Tie2 and Grb7 BibTex
2008-03-05 R-HSA-204850 Interaction of Tie2 and Dok-2 BibTex
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