Elliott, T

Reviewed Pathways (4/4)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2011-05-28 R-HSA-1280218 Adaptive Immune System BibTex
2011-02-11 R-HSA-983168 Antigen processing: Ubiquitination & Proteasome degradation BibTex
2011-02-11 R-HSA-983170 Antigen Presentation: Folding, assembly and peptide loading of class I MHC BibTex
2011-02-11 R-HSA-983169 Class I MHC mediated antigen processing & presentation BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/24)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2011-02-11 R-HSA-983138 Transport of MHC heterotrimer to ER exit site BibTex
2011-02-11 R-HSA-983161 Dissociation of the Antigenic peptide:MHC:B2M peptide loading complex BibTex
2011-02-11 R-HSA-8951499 Loading of antigenic peptides on to class I MHC BibTex
2011-02-11 R-HSA-983158 Trimming of peptides in ER BibTex
2011-02-11 R-HSA-983144 Transport of Antigen peptide in to ER BibTex
2011-02-11 R-HSA-983150 Proteasomal cleavage of substrate BibTex
2011-02-11 R-HSA-983147 Release of E3 from polyubiquitinated substrate BibTex
2011-02-11 R-HSA-983156 Polyubiquitination of substrate BibTex
2011-02-11 R-HSA-983140 Transfer of Ub from E2 to substrate and release of E2 BibTex
2011-02-11 R-HSA-983157 Interaction of E3 with substrate and E2-Ub complex BibTex
2011-02-11 R-HSA-983152 Transfer of ubiquitin from E1 to E2 BibTex
2011-02-11 R-HSA-983153 E1 mediated ubiquitin activation BibTex
2011-02-11 R-HSA-983162 Trimming of N-ter extended precursor fragments by cytosolic aminopeptidases BibTex
2011-02-11 R-HSA-983142 Formation of peptide loading complex (PLC) BibTex
2011-02-11 R-HSA-983146 Interaction of beta-2-microglobulin (B2M) chain with class I HC BibTex
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