Giovanni Dall'Olio

Authored Pathways (15/18)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2009-11-10 R-HSA-446203 Asparagine N-linked glycosylation BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-532668 N-glycan trimming in the ER and Calnexin/Calreticulin cycle BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-901042 Calnexin/calreticulin cycle BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-901032 ER Quality Control Compartment (ERQC) BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-446193 Biosynthesis of the N-glycan precursor (dolichol lipid-linked oligosaccharide, LLO) and transfer to a nascent protein BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-446219 Synthesis of substrates in N-glycan biosythesis BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-446199 Synthesis of Dolichyl-phosphate BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-446210 Synthesis of UDP-N-acetyl-glucosamine BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-162699 Synthesis of dolichyl-phosphate mannose BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-446205 Synthesis of GDP-mannose BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-480985 Synthesis of dolichyl-phosphate-glucose BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-948021 Transport to the Golgi and subsequent modification BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-975576 N-glycan antennae elongation in the medial/trans-Golgi BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-975578 Reactions specific to the complex N-glycan synthesis pathway BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-975577 N-Glycan antennae elongation BibTex
Authored Reactions (15/63)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2010-11-18 R-HSA-1017228 Glycoproteins with lesser folding defects get transported back to the ER and the CNX/CRT complex BibTex
2010-11-18 R-HSA-1028788 FUT8 transfers fucosyl group from GDP-Fuc to GlcNAc of NGP BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-901006 Binding of Malectin BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-532678 Trimming of the first glucose by by mannosyl-oligosaccharide glucosidase BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-446209 Transfer of N-glycan to the protein BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-532667 Removal of the second glucose by glucosidase II BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-548890 Removal of the third glucose by glucosidase II and release from the chaperone BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-901047 Binding of ERp57 BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-535717 Binding of calnexin/calreticulin to the unfolded protein BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-548884 UGGT1,2 transfers glucose from DbGP to (un)folded protein:(GlcNAc)2 (Man)8b BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-901039 MAN1B1 hydrolyses 1,2-linked mannose (c branch) BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-901074 MAN1B1,EDEM2 hydrolyse 1,2-linked mannose (b branch) BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-912291 Incorrectly folded glycoproteins translocate to the ERQC BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-901036 MAN1B1 hydrolyses a second 1,2-linked mannose (a branch) BibTex
2009-11-10 R-HSA-901024 MAN1B1 hydrolyses 1,2-linked mannose (a branch) BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (3/3)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2015-06-22 R-HSA-1022127 Ub-unfolded protein:(GlcNAc)2 (Man)9-5 translocates from ERQC to cytosol BibTex
2015-06-22 R-HSA-8867288 OS9:SEL1:ERAD E3 ligase:DERL2 ubiquitinates unfolded protein:(GlcNAc)2 (Man)9-5 BibTex
2015-06-22 R-HSA-6782685 EDEM1,3 hydrolyse (GlcNAc)2 (Man)8b to (GlcNAc)2 (Man)5 BibTex
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