Calamita, G

Department of General and Environmental Physiology, University of Bari
Reviewed Pathways (4/4)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2010-07-15 R-HSA-445717 Aquaporin-mediated transport BibTex
2010-07-15 R-HSA-432030 Transport of glycerol from adipocytes to the liver by Aquaporins BibTex
2010-07-15 R-HSA-432047 Passive transport by Aquaporins BibTex
2010-07-15 R-HSA-432040 Vasopressin regulates renal water homeostasis via Aquaporins BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/22)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2010-07-15 R-HSA-422320 Heterotrimeric G(s) complex dissociates BibTex
2010-07-15 R-HSA-432195 AVP:AVPR2:heterotrimeric G(s) complex exchanges GDP for GTP BibTex
2010-07-15 R-HSA-432188 AVP:AVPR2 Complex binds inactive heterotrimeric G(s) complex BibTex
2010-07-15 R-HSA-381706 GLP1R:GLP1 activates G(s) BibTex
2010-07-15 R-HSA-432049 Aquaporin-9 passively transports glycerol into cell BibTex
2010-07-15 R-HSA-432074 Aquaporin-7 passively transports glycerol out of cell BibTex
2010-07-15 R-HSA-432036 Aquaporin-6 passively transports anions out of vesicles BibTex
2010-07-15 R-HSA-432034 Aquaporin-6 passively transports anions into vesicles BibTex
2010-07-15 R-RNO-879862 Passive Transport of Anions into Vesicles by Aquaporin-6 (rat) BibTex
2010-07-15 R-HSA-507875 Aquaporins passively transport urea into cells BibTex
2010-07-15 R-HSA-507873 Aquaporins passively transport urea out of cells BibTex
2010-07-15 R-HSA-507871 Aquaporins passively transport glycerol out of cells BibTex
2010-07-15 R-HSA-507869 Aquaporins passively transport glycerol into cells BibTex
2010-07-15 R-HSA-507870 Aquaporins passively transport water out of cells BibTex
2010-07-15 R-HSA-507868 Aquaporins passively transport water into cells BibTex
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