Alison McDermott

Reviewed Pathways (3/3)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2011-11-03 R-HSA-1461957 Beta defensins BibTex
2011-11-03 R-HSA-1462054 Alpha-defensins BibTex
2011-11-03 R-HSA-1461973 Defensins BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/19)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2011-11-03 R-HSA-1462023 Pre-pro-defensins are cleaved to remove the signal peptide BibTex
2011-11-03 R-HSA-1974676 Beta defensin 103 activates TLR1:TLR2 BibTex
2011-11-03 R-HSA-1471322 Beta-defensins are secreted BibTex
2011-11-03 R-HSA-1467269 Beta-defensins bind microbial membranes causing disruption BibTex
2011-11-03 R-HSA-1471338 Beta-defensins 1, 4A and 103 bind CCR6 BibTex
2011-11-03 R-HSA-1973968 Beta-defensins 4A and 103 bind CCR2 BibTex
2011-11-03 R-HSA-1462039 Pro-HNP1-4 are cleaved to biologically active defensin BibTex
2011-11-03 R-HSA-1462003 HNP1-4 are stored in primary neutrophil granules BibTex
2011-11-03 R-HSA-1461995 pro-defensin alpha 5 is stored in Paneth cell granules BibTex
2011-11-03 R-HSA-1462005 pro-defensin alpha 5 is secreted BibTex
2011-11-03 R-HSA-1461993 pro-HD5 is cleaved by trypsin BibTex
2011-11-03 R-HSA-1462041 HNP1-4 are released into phagocytic vacuoles BibTex
2011-11-03 R-HSA-1462014 Alpha-defensins form biologically active dimers BibTex
2011-11-03 R-HSA-1461971 Alpha-defensin dimers adsorb onto microbial membrane anionic phospholipids BibTex
2011-11-03 R-HSA-1461982 Alpha-defensin dimers multimerize to form a pore complex BibTex
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