Maria Marino

Reviewed Pathways (3/3)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2019-04-24 R-HSA-9634635 Estrogen-stimulated signaling through PRKCZ BibTex
2019-04-24 R-HSA-9009391 Extra-nuclear estrogen signaling BibTex
2019-04-24 R-HSA-9634597 GPER1 signaling BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/27)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2019-04-24 R-HSA-9021050 HSBP1 oligomer binds ESRs BibTex
2019-04-24 R-HSA-9021072 ZDHHC7, ZDHHC21 palmitoylate ESR1 BibTex
2019-04-24 R-HSA-9021068 PalmS-ESRs bind CAVs BibTex
2019-04-24 R-HSA-9021601 Heterotrimeric G protein (i) binds membrane-associated ESRs:ESTG BibTex
2019-04-24 R-HSA-9027670 ESTG binding induces ESR depalmitoylation BibTex
2019-04-24 R-HSA-9633044 ESR binds STRN BibTex
2019-04-24 R-HSA-9021170 Estrogen stimulates dimerization of plasma membrane estrogen receptors BibTex
2019-04-24 R-HSA-9632182 PRMT1 methylates ESRs BibTex
2019-04-24 R-HSA-9021079 PalmS-ESRs:CAVs translocate to plasma membrane BibTex
2019-04-24 R-HSA-9036308 ESTG-stimulated dissociation of GPER:heterotrimeric G-protein (s) complex BibTex
2019-04-24 R-HSA-9036301 ESTG stimulates GTP exchange on GPER:heterotrimeric G-protein s BibTex
2019-04-24 R-HSA-9036307 GPER:Heterotrimeric G-protein Gs binds ESTG BibTex
2019-04-24 R-HSA-9632858 PRKCZ autophosphorylates downstream of estrogen stimulation BibTex
2019-04-24 R-HSA-9632906 PRKCZ recruits RAS in response to estrogen stimulation BibTex
2019-04-24 R-HSA-9632918 PRKCZ stimulates RAS nucleotide exchange in response to estrogen BibTex
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