Daniel J Klionsky

Reviewed Pathways (1/1)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2015-09-03 R-HSA-8953897 Cellular responses to stimuli BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/39)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2015-09-03 R-HSA-1632857 ULK1 phosphorylates AMBRA1:BECN1 complex BibTex
2015-09-03 R-HSA-5679239 ULK complex translocates to the ER BibTex
2015-09-03 R-HSA-5675868 ULK1 phosphorylates ATG13 and RB1CC1 BibTex
2015-09-03 R-HSA-5672008 Thr-180 of ULK1 is phosphorylated BibTex
2015-09-03 R-HSA-5665868 AMPK (complex) phosphorylates ULK1 (complex) BibTex
2015-09-03 R-HSA-5672011 p-AMPK:AMP binds the ULK complex BibTex
2015-09-03 R-HSA-5683925 ULK1 is dephosphorylated BibTex
2015-09-03 R-HSA-5675790 MTORC1 dissociates from ULK complex BibTex
2015-09-03 R-HSA-5673768 p-AMPK:AMP phosphorylates Raptor in the MTORC1 complex BibTex
2015-09-03 R-HSA-5672010 Active MTORC1 phosphorylates ULK1 BibTex
2015-09-03 R-HSA-5672817 Active MTORC1 binds the ULK1 complex BibTex
2015-09-03 R-HSA-5678313 AMBRA1:DYNLL1,DYNLL2 binds BECN1 complex BibTex
2015-09-03 R-HSA-1632843 AMBRA1 binds DYNLL1,DYNLL2 BibTex
2015-09-03 R-HSA-5678315 BECN1 complex, p-AMBRA1 dissociate from DYNLL1,DYNLL2 BibTex
2015-09-03 R-HSA-9020616 ATG12 forms a thioester bond with ATG7 dimer BibTex
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