Mathieu Dube

Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Reviewed Pathways (5/5)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2013-05-21 R-HSA-175474 Assembly Of The HIV Virion BibTex
2013-05-21 R-HSA-171286 Synthesis and processing of ENV and VPU BibTex
2013-05-21 R-HSA-174495 Synthesis And Processing Of GAG, GAGPOL Polyproteins BibTex
2013-05-21 R-HSA-174490 Membrane binding and targetting of GAG proteins BibTex
2013-05-21 R-HSA-162588 Budding and maturation of HIV virion BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/19)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2013-05-21 R-HSA-3149440 Transport of VPU to Golgi apparatus BibTex
2013-05-21 R-HSA-3149433 Synthesis of VPU protein BibTex
2013-05-21 R-HSA-187211 Splicing of HIV RNA transcript BibTex
2013-05-21 R-HSA-3149432 Transport of VPU to Plasma Membrane BibTex
2013-05-21 R-HSA-171291 Folding and Oligomerization of ENV glycoprotein BibTex
2013-05-21 R-HSA-174493 Glycosylation of ENV polyprotein BibTex
2013-05-21 R-HSA-174494 Synthesis of ENV polyprotein BibTex
2013-05-21 R-HSA-174491 Transport of trimeric ENV precursor to Golgi apparatus BibTex
2013-05-21 R-HSA-171288 Cleavage of the viral Env gp160 precursor polyprotein BibTex
2013-05-21 R-HSA-173647 Transport of trimeric gp41:gp120 to plasma membrane BibTex
2013-05-21 R-HSA-184323 Monoubiquitination of N-myristoyl GAG polyprotein BibTex
2013-05-21 R-HSA-184392 N-myristoylation of GAG polyprotein by NMT2 BibTex
2013-05-21 R-HSA-3149434 Transport of GAG to the Plasma Membrane BibTex
2013-05-21 R-HSA-184269 Monoubiquitinated N-myristoyl GAG polyprotein is targeted to the late endosomal vesicle membrane by the ESCRT-I complex BibTex
2013-05-21 R-HSA-187213 Synthesis of GAG polyprotein BibTex
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