Joseph Napoli

Reviewed Pathways (2/2)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2014-07-28 R-HSA-5362517 Signaling by Retinoic Acid BibTex
2014-07-28 R-HSA-5365859 RA biosynthesis pathway BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/17)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2014-07-28 R-HSA-5634100 FABP5 dissociates from RXRA:PPARD:atRA BibTex
2014-07-28 R-HSA-5422942 RXRA:PPARD binds FABP5:atRA BibTex
2014-09-01 R-HSA-5633256 FABP5:atRA translocates from cytosol to nucleoplasm BibTex
2014-09-01 R-HSA-5622129 FABP5 binds atRA BibTex
2014-07-28 R-HSA-5362522 ALDHs oxidise atRAL to atRA BibTex
2014-07-28 R-HSA-5362564 ADH1A,1C,4 oxidise atROL to atRAL in vitro BibTex
2014-07-28 R-HSA-5362518 RDH10,16,DHRS9,RDHE2 oxidise atROL to atRAL BibTex
2014-07-28 R-HSA-5362721 RDH5,RDH11 oxidise 11cROL to 11cRAL BibTex
2014-07-28 R-HSA-5615668 AKR1C3 reduces atRAL to atROL BibTex
2014-07-28 R-HSA-5622134 CRABP1 binds atRA BibTex
2014-07-28 R-HSA-5362525 CYP26A1,B1,C1 4-hydroxylate atRA BibTex
2014-07-28 R-HSA-5623643 RDH13 reduces atRAL to atROL BibTex
2014-07-28 R-HSA-5419165 RDH11,14,DHRS3,DRHS4 reduce atRAL to atROL BibTex
2014-07-28 R-HSA-5634103 SUMO-CRABP2 dissociates from atRA:RAR:RXR BibTex
2014-07-28 R-HSA-5334854 RAR:RXR binds SUMO-CRABP2:atRA BibTex
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