David MacPherson

Carnegie Institution
Reviewed Pathways (5/5)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2011-08-25 R-HSA-453279 Mitotic G1 phase and G1/S transition BibTex
2011-08-25 R-HSA-1538133 G0 and Early G1 BibTex
2011-08-25 R-HSA-1362277 Transcription of E2F targets under negative control by DREAM complex BibTex
2011-08-25 R-HSA-1362300 Transcription of E2F targets under negative control by p107 (RBL1) and p130 (RBL2) in complex with HDAC1 BibTex
2011-08-25 R-HSA-69278 Cell Cycle, Mitotic BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/38)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2011-08-25 R-HSA-188345 The CDC25A gene transcription is stimulated by MYC and E2F1 and inhibited by the DREAM complex BibTex
2011-08-25 R-HSA-8964471 DREAM complex binds the CDC25A gene promoter BibTex
2011-08-25 R-HSA-1362261 p130 (RBL2) associates with MuvB to form DREAM complex BibTex
2011-08-25 R-HSA-1362270 Phosphorylation of LIN52 component of MuvB by DYRK1A BibTex
2011-08-25 R-HSA-1363331 Ubiquitination of p130 (RBL2) by SCF (Skp2) BibTex
2011-08-25 R-HSA-1363328 Phosphorylated p130 (RBL2) binds SCF(Skp2):Cks1 complex BibTex
2011-08-25 R-HSA-1226094 Cyclin D:Cdk4/6 mediated phosphorylation of p130 (RBL2) and dissociation of phosphorylated p130 (RBL2) from DP1:E2F4/5 complex BibTex
2011-08-25 R-HSA-8961619 CDC6 gene expression is stimulated by E2F1 and repressed by the DREAM complex BibTex
2011-08-25 R-HSA-8964498 DREAM complex binds the CDC6 gene promoter BibTex
2011-08-25 R-HSA-8964475 DREAM complex binds the TOP2A gene promoter BibTex
2011-08-25 R-HSA-8964492 DREAM complex binds the RBL1 gene promoter BibTex
2011-08-25 R-HSA-8964525 RBL1 gene expression is repressed by the DREAM complex BibTex
2011-08-25 R-HSA-8964513 E2F1 gene transcription is inhibited by the DREAM complex, RBL1 and RBL2 BibTex
2011-08-25 R-HSA-8964482 DREAM complex binds the E2F1 gene promoter BibTex
2011-08-25 R-HSA-8964550 The complex of HDAC1, RBL1 and E2F4 or HDAC1, RBL2, E2F4 or E2F5 binds E2F1 gene promoter BibTex
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