K48polyUb-HLA-A A-2 [endoplasmic reticulum membrane]

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Protein [EntityWithAccessionedSequence]
Homo sapiens
HLA class I histocompatibility antigen, A-2 alpha chain, 1A02_HUMAN
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Modified Residues
ubiquitinylated lysine (K48polyUb [endoplasmic reticulum membrane]) at unknown position
K48polyUb [endoplasmic reticulum membrane]
PsiMod Name
PsiMod Definition
A protein modification that effectively crosslinks the N6-amino of a peptidyl lysine with the carboxyl-terminal glycine of a ubiquitin.
Cross References
Target Pathogen
6J1W, 3FQR, 4L3C, 3MRM, 1I4F, 3O3E, 6ENY, 3MRD, 1HLA, 1BD2, 1S8D, 1UR7, 6OPD, 5WXD, 3VXR, 1HHI, 3MGO, 2VLJ, 5EU5, 5IRO, 6Q3S, 5GSD, 2X70, 5HYJ, 3MR9, 6AMU, 3GSR, 1TVB, 3FQW, 3H9H, 3WLB, 5TEZ, 3O3A, 3MRJ, 2HN7, 1IM3, 5NME, 6EWC, 1X7Q, 2P5W, 2GTW, 5MEP, 6APN, 2BNQ, 5WKH, 1LP9, 6PTE, 1T1W, 4WU7, 5HHP, 4JFP, 5W1W, 5C0C, 3FT3, 5D2L, 5DDH, 6EI2, 4NO0, 3QFD, 2X4N, 5HHM, 3MRG, 1JHT, 4JFD, 5WWU, 5YXU, 4WU5, 3KLA, 4GKN, 1T21, 2PYE, 6RP9, 5NMH, 3UTT, 6O9C, 5MEN, 1I7R, 6D7G, 2X4S, 5C09, 3V5K, 4U6X, 3GSO, 3NFN, 1S9Y, 5C0I, 3PWL, 4L3E, 5WWI, 3GSW, 1EEY, 5ISZ, 6J29, 3VXO, 6DKP, 5EU3, 3QDJ, 5F7D, 3TO2, 1T22, 4NQV, 3PWP, 3VXS, 6JOZ, 5HGD, 2UWE, 4F7P, 3MRH, 6ID4, 6MPP, 3VXU, 4JFE, 3RL1, 3MRQ, 5EOT, 4WUU, 5BRZ, 3BH8, 5F9J, 1QSE, 1TMC, 2GTZ, 2VLR, 3I6L, 6EQA, 3HLA, 3O3B, 4HWZ, 3MRK, 4FTV, 5WJN, 3HPJ, 2F54, 6G3J, 3FQT, 3D25, 5NMF, 4JFQ, 5FA3, 5MEQ, 5C0A, 2X4Q, 1S9W, 5MEO, 5D2N, 4UQ2, 3FT4, 3D39, 1TVH, 3GSU, 6AM5, 6AT9, 5HHN, 4NO2, 3W0W, 3FQX, 5C07, 6RPA, 3REW, 4I48, 2GIT, 5WXC, 1HHG, 3MGT, 1T1Z, 2X4T, 5N1Y, 4HX1, 5GRD, 1Q94, 2V2X, 4EMZ, 3O4L, 5C0F, 6PBH, 2C7U, 6Q3K, 4U6Y, 6R2L, 5C0J, 1OGA, 5WWJ, 5D9S, 3GSX, 4NNX, 1HHJ, 3VXP, 3IXA, 3PWN, 5HGA, 1B0G, 2VLK, 3MRE, 3MRN, 5WKF, 3FQN, 2P5E, 5HGH, 1AKJ, 4NQX, 1I7T, 3UTQ, 3V5D, 3QDM, 3I6G, 6AMT, 3HAE, 3MRI, 4UQ3, 1QSF, 3BH9, 4F7T, 3MRR, 4NO3, 1DUY, 3QZW, 4EN2, 1I1F, 6EQB, 3QFJ, 5E6I, 4JFF, 3VXM, 4I4W, 5SWQ, 4N8V, 1S9X, 5EU6, 2GUO, 3H9S, 4WJ5, 4E5X, 2X4O, 3GSV, 6PTB, 1W72, 5BS0, 4L29, 6EWO, 5FA4, 4MJ5, 3FT2, 1T20, 2GT9, 2BCK, 5E00, 5C0D, 1QR1, 5JHD, 2BNR, 2HLA, 4JFO, 4GKS, 3PWJ, 5C0G, 2AV1, 2X4R, 6O9B, 3GIV, 4EUP, 1T1X, 3MRB, 5C08, 3BGM, 5EU4, 3MRL, 5N6B, 3MYJ, 3QDG, 6JP3, 3BO8, 3O3D, 6NCA, 5HGB, 1HHK, 2VLL, 1QRN, 2F53, 3MRO, 3MRF, 1QEW, 4QOK, 1HHH, 1I7U, 3UTS, 4NNY, 5NMK, 1JF1, 6D78, 5NQK, 2CLR, 5JZI, 3I6K, 2JCC, 3GSQ, 4NO5, 3FQU, 1I1Y, 6G3K, 5MER, 5ENW, 5EUO, 6J2A, 1B0R, 1QVO, 2J8U, 3VXN, 5HHQ, 6EWA, 5NHT, 5GRG, 3MRC, 5WJL, 2X4P, 5HHO, 3QEQ, 4MJ6, 4OV5, 6RPB, 5FDW, 5E9D, 3BHB, 2GJ6, 6RSY, 5WSH, 3MRP, 5C0B, 1DUZ, 1AQD, 4F7M, 5XOV, 2X4U, 5C0E, 1HSB, 3WL9, 3GJF, 5NMG, 3D3V, 1P7Q, 1AO7, 3V5H, 2AV7, 3H7B, 4MNQ, 4K7F, 5YXN, 3RL2, 1T1Y, 2V2W, 1EEZ, 3GSN, 2XPG
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