Feng Shao

Reviewed Pathways (1/1)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2019-06-03 R-HSA-9645460 Alpha-protein kinase 1 signaling pathway BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (10/10)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2019-06-03 R-HSA-9645442 Auto phosphorylation of TAK1 within the ALPK1:ADP-heptose:p-T9-TIFA:pUb-TRAF6: free K63 pUb:TAB1:TAB2/TAB3 :MAP3K7 complex BibTex
2019-06-03 R-HSA-9645406 ALPK1:ADP-heptose:p-T9-TIFA oligomer:K63pUb-TRAF6 oligomer recruits MAP3K7 (TAK1) BibTex
2019-06-03 R-HSA-9645394 Activated TRAF6 synthesizes unanchored polyubiquitin chains upon ALPK1:ADP-heptose stimulation BibTex
2019-06-03 R-HSA-9645414 Auto ubiquitination of TRAF6 bound to ALPK1:ADP-heptose:TIFA oligomer BibTex
2019-06-03 R-HSA-9645501 TRAF6 oligomerizes within the ALPK1:ADP-heptose:TIFA oligomer complex BibTex
2019-06-03 R-HSA-9645520 ALPK1:ADP-heptose:TIFA oligomer recruits TRAF6 BibTex
2019-06-03 R-HSA-9645481 TIFA oligomerization BibTex
2019-06-03 R-HSA-9645535 ALPK1 phosphorylates TIFA BibTex
2019-06-03 R-HSA-9645524 ALPK1:ADP-heptose binds TIFA BibTex
2019-06-03 R-HSA-9645428 ALPK1 binds ADP-heptose BibTex
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