p-S133 CREB1, MEF2D and SRF bind the ARC gene

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Activity-responsive transcription of the ARC gene is driven in part by a Synaptic Activity Response Element located ~7kb upstream of the transcription start site. This element is bound by CREB, SRF and MEF2D as assessed by EMSA and ChIP in mouse cells (Kawashima et al, 2009). SARE-driven ARC expression is responsive to stimulation through AMPAR and NMDAR activity, and depends on CaMK and MAPK signaling pathways, consistent with previous studies (Kawashima et al, 2009; Falvell et al, 2006; Ramanan et al, 2005; Bourtchuladze et al, 1994; reviewed in Inoue et al, 2010; Finkbeiner et al, 1997; Epstein and Finkbeiner, 2018). Additional binding sites for SRF, MEF2D and ELK1 were also identified in another study, along with putative binding sites for an as-yet uncharacterized Zeste-like mammalian homologue (Pintchovski et al, 2006).

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