David S Hains

Reviewed Pathways (3/3)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2016-08-02 R-HSA-6803544 Ion influx/efflux at host-pathogen interface BibTex
2016-08-02 R-HSA-6803157 Antimicrobial peptides BibTex
2016-08-02 R-HSA-6799990 Metal sequestration by antimicrobial proteins BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/35)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2016-08-02 R-HSA-8862300 LYZ binds bacterial peptidoglycan BibTex
2016-08-02 R-HSA-6807585 BPI binds LPS on the bacterial surface BibTex
2016-08-02 R-HSA-8862320 LYZ hydrolyzes peptidoglycans in the bacterial cell wall BibTex
2016-08-02 R-HSA-6803545 ATP7A transports cytosolic Cu2+ to phagosomal lumen BibTex
2016-08-02 R-HSA-6803047 DCD peptide binds bacterial membrane phospholipids BibTex
2016-08-02 R-HSA-6802999 DCD is processed into DCD(63-110) BibTex
2016-08-02 R-HSA-6803060 DCD(63-110) is processed to DCD(63-109) BibTex
2016-08-02 R-HSA-6801766 Trypsin cleaves REG3A or REG3G to generate REG3A,G(38-175) BibTex
2016-08-02 R-HSA-6810724 PI3 binds the bacterial surface BibTex
2016-08-02 R-HSA-6801762 REG3A oligomerize to form a pore complex BibTex
2016-08-02 R-HSA-6801776 REG3A binds bacterial phospholipids BibTex
2016-08-02 R-HSA-6803104 DCD forms oligomeric complex BibTex
2016-08-02 R-HSA-6804527 INTL1 binds bacterial glycans BibTex
2016-08-02 R-HSA-6799981 PGLYRP2 binds bacterial peptidoglycan BibTex
2016-08-02 R-HSA-6799977 PGLYRP2 hydrolyzes bacterial peptidoglycan BibTex
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