Karen Rothfels

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Authored Pathways (15/197)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2021-02-17 R-HSA-9716542 Signaling by Rho GTPases, Miro GTPases and RHOBTB3 BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9682385 FLT3 signaling in disease BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9703648 Signaling by FLT3 ITD and TKD mutants BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9702518 STAT5 activation downstream of FLT3 ITD mutants BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9706374 FLT3 signaling through SRC family kinases BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9706369 Negative regulation of FLT3 BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9702509 FLT3 mutants bind TKIs BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9706377 FLT3 signaling by CBL mutants BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9703465 Signaling by FLT3 fusion proteins BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9702506 Drug resistance of FLT3 mutants BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9702581 crenolanib-resistant FLT3 mutants BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9702614 ponatinib-resistant FLT3 mutants BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9702998 linifanib-resistant FLT3 mutants BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9702577 semaxanib-resistant FLT3 mutants BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9702620 quizartinib-resistant FLT3 mutants BibTex
Authored Reactions (15/1,206)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9698003 FLT3 mutants phosphorylate GAB2 BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9698000 FLT3 mutants:GRB2 bind GAB2 BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9695841 FLT3 mutant dimers bind GRB2 BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9695834 Constitutive phosphorylation of FLT3 mutants BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9695838 Ligand-independent dimerization of FLT3 mutants BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9698179 FLT3 mutants recruit PIK3R1 through phosphorylated GAB2 BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9698033 p-STAT5 translocates to nucleus downstream of mutant FLT3 BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9698029 p-STAT5 dissociates from mutant FLT3 BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9698005 FLT3 ITD mutants phosphorylate STAT5 BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9698007 FLT3 ITD mutants bind STAT5 through GAB2:PTPN11 BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9698008 FLT3 mutants:GRB2:p-Y-GAB2 binds PTPN11 BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9698043 FLT3 ITD- and STAT5-dependent CDKN1A gene expression BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9698041 p-STAT5 binds the CDKN1A gene BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9698013 PTPN11:p-STAT5 dissociates from mutant FLT3 BibTex
2020-11-06 R-HSA-9698754 p-STAT5 binds the NOX4 promoter BibTex
Reviewed Pathways (1/1)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2016-09-17 R-HSA-3371497 HSP90 chaperone cycle for steroid hormone receptors (SHR) BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (14/14)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2016-09-17 R-HSA-5618099 SH binds SHR within the HSP90 chaperone complex BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-5618073 FKBP4 replaces FKBP5 within HSP90:ATP:FKBP5:unfolded protein BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-5618098 p23 (PTGES3) binds HSP90:ATP:FKBP5:nascent protein BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-5618105 FKBP5 binds HSP90:ATP:STIP1:HSP70:nascent protein BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-5618107 ATP binding to HSP90 triggers conformation change BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-3371503 STIP1(HOP) binds HSP90 and HSP70:HSP40:nascent protein BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-3371422 ATP hydrolysis by HSP70 BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-3371590 HSP70 binds to HSP40:nascent protein BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-5618110 p23 (PTGES3) binds HSP90:ATP:FKBP4:nascent protein BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-5618085 FKBP4 binds HSP90:ATP:STIP1:HSP70:nascent protein BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-9705925 Androgens binds AR (in the HSP90 chaperone complex) BibTex
2017-02-22 R-HSA-9690534 SH binds NR3C1 (in HSP90:ATP:FKBP4:PTGES3:NR3C1) BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-5618080 HSP90:ATP:p23:FKBP52:SHR:SH translocates to the nucleus BibTex
2016-09-17 R-HSA-5618093 ATP hydrolysis by HSP90 BibTex
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