Marija Orlic-Milacic

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Authored Pathways (15/414)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2023-05-02 R-HSA-9833576 CDH11 homotypic and heterotypic interactions BibTex
2023-01-24 R-HSA-9824439 Bacterial Infection Pathways BibTex
2023-01-24 R-HSA-9824446 Viral Infection Pathways BibTex
2023-01-24 R-HSA-9824443 Parasitic Infection Pathways BibTex
2023-01-06 R-HSA-9772755 Formation of WDR5-containing histone-modifying complexes BibTex
2022-06-02 R-HSA-9759475 Regulation of CDH11 Expression and Function BibTex
2022-06-02 R-HSA-9762292 Regulation of CDH11 function BibTex
2022-06-02 R-HSA-9762293 Regulation of CDH11 gene transcription BibTex
2022-06-02 R-HSA-9759811 Regulation of CDH11 mRNA translation by microRNAs BibTex
2022-05-25 R-HSA-9764302 Regulation of CDH19 Expression and Function BibTex
2022-04-08 R-HSA-9634815 Transcriptional Regulation by NPAS4 BibTex
2022-04-08 R-HSA-9768759 Regulation of NPAS4 gene expression BibTex
2022-04-08 R-HSA-9768777 Regulation of NPAS4 gene transcription BibTex
2022-04-08 R-HSA-9768778 Regulation of NPAS4 mRNA translation BibTex
2022-04-08 R-HSA-9768919 NPAS4 regulates expression of target genes BibTex
Authored Reactions (15/2,970)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2023-05-02 R-HSA-9833671 CDH11 forms heterotypic trans dimer with CDH24 BibTex
2023-05-02 R-MMU-9833697 Cdh11 forms heterotypic trans dimer with Cdh8 BibTex
2023-05-02 R-HSA-9833674 CDH11 forms homotypic trans dimer BibTex
2023-05-02 R-MMU-9833698 Cdh11 forms homotypic trans dimers BibTex
2023-05-02 R-HSA-9833672 CDH11 forms heterotypic trans dimer with CDH8 BibTex
2023-01-06 R-HSA-9818576 Cleaved KMT2A dimers translocate to the nucleus BibTex
2023-01-06 R-HSA-9818574 TASP1 cleaves KMT2A BibTex
2023-01-06 R-HSA-9675214 Formation of the WRAD complex BibTex
2023-01-06 R-HSA-9675215 Formation of the RBBP5:ASH2L heterodimer BibTex
2023-01-06 R-HSA-9676257 Formation of the SET1A complex BibTex
2023-01-06 R-HSA-9676264 Formation of the SET1B complex BibTex
2023-01-06 R-HSA-9818578 Cleaved KMT2B dimers translocate to the nucleus BibTex
2023-01-06 R-HSA-9818577 TASP1 cleaves KMT2B BibTex
2023-01-06 R-MMU-9818635 Tasp1 cleaves Kmt2b BibTex
2023-01-06 R-HSA-9676268 Formation of the MLL4 complex BibTex
Reviewed Pathways (1/1)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2020-01-23 R-HSA-9675108 Nervous system development BibTex
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