Translesion synthesis by REV1

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Homo sapiens
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REV1 (hREV1) encodes a template-dependent dCMP transferase that can insert a C residue opposite an abasic site (Lin et al. 1999, Gibbs et al. 2000). Interaction with monoubiquitinated PCNA at a DNA damage site enhances REV1-mediated translesion synthesis (TLS) (Garg and Burgers 2005, Wood et al. 2007). After REV1 incorporates dCMP opposite to the apurinic/apyrimidinic (AP) template site, TLS is continued by the DNA polymerase zeta complex (POLZ). POLZ consists of the catalytic subunit REV3L and the accessory subunit MAD2L2 (REV7). MAD2L2 binds REV1, thus recruiting POLZ to DNA damage site (Hara et al. 2010, Kikuchi et al. 2010, Xie et al. 1012). POLZ is error-prone and contributes to TLS-related mutagenesis (Shachar et al. 2009, Lee et al. 2014). POLZ has a low processivity and dissociates from the DNA template after incorporating less than 30 nucleotides (Nelson et al. 1996, Lee et al. 2014).

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