Michael O'Donnell

The Rockefeller University
Authored Pathways (7/7)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2006-03-17 R-HSA-69002 DNA Replication Pre-Initiation BibTex
2006-03-17 R-HSA-68867 Assembly of the pre-replicative complex BibTex
2006-03-17 R-HSA-68689 CDC6 association with the ORC:origin complex BibTex
2005-01-01 R-HSA-69278 Cell Cycle, Mitotic BibTex
2005-01-01 R-HSA-69620 Cell Cycle Checkpoints BibTex
2003-06-05 R-HSA-68616 Assembly of the ORC complex at the origin of replication BibTex
2003-01-06 R-HSA-69306 DNA Replication BibTex
Authored Reactions (8/8)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2006-03-17 R-HSA-68688 CDC6 association with ORC(1-6) at replication origins BibTex
2003-06-05 R-HSA-68595 ORC2 binds ORC3 BibTex
2003-06-05 R-HSA-68611 Formation of ORC(1-5) complex BibTex
2003-06-05 R-HSA-68610 Formation of ORC(2-5) complex BibTex
2003-06-05 R-HSA-68603 ORC5 binds ORC2:ORC3 BibTex
2003-06-05 R-HSA-68615 Formation of ORC(1-6) complex BibTex
2003-06-05 R-HSA-8942836 CDK4/6:CCND complexes are activated by T-loop phosphorylation of CDK4/6 BibTex
2003-06-05 R-MMU-182564 Phosphorylation of Cyclin D1 on Thr-286 by GSK-3 beta BibTex
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