Perrimon, N

Reviewed Pathways (6/6)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2008-01-16 R-DME-209405 JAK/STAT pathway BibTex
2008-01-16 R-DME-210688 Dephosphorylation by PTP61F phosphatases BibTex
2008-01-16 R-DME-210693 STAT92E dimer dephosphorylated in the nucleus and transported to the cytosol BibTex
2008-01-16 R-DME-209209 Formation of the activated receptor complex BibTex
2008-01-16 R-DME-210671 Transcriptional repression by nuclear factors BibTex
2008-01-16 R-DME-209228 Formation of the activated STAT92E dimer and transport to the nucleus BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/17)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2008-01-16 R-DME-210662 Phosphorylated HOP is dephosphorylated by PTP61F isoform 1 BibTex
2008-01-16 R-DME-209336 Activated HOP is autophosphorylated and/or transphosphorylated BibTex
2008-01-16 R-DME-209255 UPD ligand binds to the HOP:DOME:DOME:HOP complex and activates HOP BibTex
2008-01-16 R-DME-209231 DOME:HOP complex forms a dimer at the plasma membrane BibTex
2008-01-16 R-DME-209245 Tyrosine kinase Hopscotch (HOP) binds to the transmembrane cytokine receptor Domeless (DOME) to form the HOP:DOME complex BibTex
2008-01-16 R-MMU-209310 Murine JAK2 binds to the Erythropoietin receptor, EpoR BibTex
2008-01-16 R-DME-210646 Phosphorylated STAT92E dimer is dephosphorylated by PTP61F isoform 1 BibTex
2008-01-16 R-DME-209321 Phosphorylated STAT92E dissociates from HOP and DOME and dimerises BibTex
2008-01-16 R-DME-209210 STAT92E is phosphorylated by phosphorylated HOP BibTex
2008-01-16 R-DME-209361 STAT92E binds to phosphorylated HOP and phosphorylated DOME BibTex
2008-01-16 R-DME-209160 Phosphorylated HOP phosphorylates DOME BibTex
2008-01-16 R-MMU-210644 Phosphorylated STAT5A dimer is dephosphorylated by PTP1B BibTex
2008-01-16 R-DME-210694 Phosphorylated STAT92E dimer is dephosphorylated by PTP61F isoform 2 BibTex
2008-01-16 R-DME-209365 Phosphorylated STAT92E dimer transports from the cytosol to the nucleus BibTex
2008-01-16 R-DME-209307 Phosphorylated STAT92E dimer activates transcription BibTex
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