Liwu Li

Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Department of Biological Sciences
Reviewed Pathways (1/1)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2011-08-04 R-HSA-975871 MyD88 cascade initiated on plasma membrane BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (11/11)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2011-08-04 R-HSA-975879 Dissociation of hp-IRAK1:TRAF6 or IRAK2:TRAF6-oligomer from the activated TLR5 or 10:oligo-Myd88:p-IRAK4 complex BibTex
2011-08-04 R-HSA-975857 TRAF6 binds to hp- IRAK1 or p-IRAK2 BibTex
2011-08-04 R-HSA-975853 Multiple IRAK1 autophosphorylation within the complex p-IRAK4:oligo MyD88:activated TLR BibTex
2011-08-04 R-HSA-975874 Second phosphorylation of IRAK1 by IRAK4 bound to MyD88:activated TLR complex BibTex
2011-08-04 R-HSA-975878 First phosphorylation of IRAK1 by IRAK4 bound to MyD88:activated TLR BibTex
2011-08-04 R-HSA-975852 IRAK1/or IRAK2 binds to the activated IRAK4 :oligo MyD88:activated TLR5 or 10 complex BibTex
2011-08-04 R-HSA-975865 IRAK4 autophosphorylation within the complex activated TLR:MyD88 BibTex
2011-08-04 R-HSA-975873 IRAK4 binds to MyD88 bound to the activated TLR5 or 10 receptor BibTex
2011-08-04 R-HSA-975880 MyD88 oligomerization within the complex of activated TLR:MyD88 BibTex
2011-08-04 R-HSA-975866 MyD88 forms a complex with the activated TLR receptor BibTex
2011-08-04 R-HSA-975861 Phosphorylation of IRAK2 bound to the activated IRAK4:MyD88 oligomerl:activated TLR5 or 10 complex BibTex
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