Trehalose biosynthesis

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Mycobacterium tuberculosis
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The non-reducing disaccharide trehalose is found in insects, plants, and microorganisms. In bacteria, it is a storage energy source and is essential for the survival of many stress conditions. In mycobacteria, trehalose is also part of the cell wall and of the 'cord factor' which is important for entry into the host (Elbein et al, 2003; Tropis et al, 2005; Jain & Roy, 2009)

M. tuberculosis has three ways to synthesize trehalose: from UDP-glucose and glucose phosphate (the OtsAB pathway), from maltose (the TreS pathway), and from glycogen (TreYZ pathway). The OtsAB pathway was shown to be essential for the organism. It is not known, however, whether or not the essentiality of trehalose for the mycobacterial growth is directly connected to the biosynthesis of cell wall mycolates (De Smet et al, 2000; Murphy et al, 2005)

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