KIT mutants bind type I TKIs

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Dovitinib inhibits the growth of primary exon 11 mutations in GIST cell lines, with IC50 values of less than 500. Dovitinib is also active against the exon 13 mutation K654A and the exon 14 mutation T670I, but is inactive against mutations in exon 17 and 18, encoding the KIT activation loop (Serrano et al, 2019). Midostaurin inhibits the activity of KIT receptors with mutations in the juxtamembrane domain as well as those in the ATP-binding cleft and activation loop domains (Growney et al, 2005; Gleixner et al, 2006; Gotlib et al, 2016; Weisberg et al, 2019; Gebreyohannes et al, 2019). Avapritinib is a more selective KIT inhibitor that is active against activation loop mutants (Evans et al, 2017; Weisberg et al, 2019).
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Gain of function of type TKI sensitive KIT mutants [plasma membrane]

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