KIT mutants bind TKIs

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Homo sapiens
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Aberrant signaling by activated forms of KIT can be inhibited by tyrosine kinase inhibitors. Primary mutations in KIT are frequently found in exon 11, encoding the juxtamembrane domain responsible for autoinhibition of the kinase. These mutations are generally sensitive to tyrosine kinase inhibitors such as imatinib. Accumulation of secondary mutations in the ATP-binding pocket and the activation loop of the kinase domain contributes to resistance to first line tyrosine kinase inhibitors. KIT receptors with in these regions are sensitive to a panel of additional tyrosine kinase inhibitors such as sunitinib and regorafenib (Serrano et al, 2019; reviewed in Roskoski, 2018; Klug et al, 2018; Serrano et al, 2017).

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