NEIL3 resolves psoralen-induced ICLs

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NEIL3 can resolve interstrand crosslinks (ICLs) in replicating DNA, induced by intercalating DNA damaging agent psoralen, which cross links thymine bases from two replicated double strand DNAs (dsDNAs). NEIL3-mediated cleavage of psoralen-induced ICLs results in one dsDNA molecule with an abasic site (AP site) and one dsDNA molecule with a thymine-psoralen adduct. NEIL3-mediated resolution of ICLs is independent of the Fanconia anemia (FA) pathway and was demonstrated for both Xenopus (Semlow et al. 2016) and human (Martin et al. 2017) NEIL3.

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DNA N-glycosylase activity of NEIL3 [nucleoplasm]

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