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Cholesterol is highly enriched in the Schwann cell membrane and it plays an essential role in the maturation of MPZ, a key protein component of the compact myelin sheath (Saher and Simons, 2010). The cholesterol of the myelin sheath is synthesized within the Schwann cells, rather than being absorbed from the blood (Jurevics and Morell, 1994; Jurevics et al, 1998). Consistent with this, a number of genes involved in the cholesterol biosynthesis pathway are upregulated during the myelination program, including HMG synthase and HMG coenzyme-A reductase (HMGCR) (Nagarjan et al, 2001; Verheijen et al, 2003; Le Blanc et al, 2005; Jang et al, 2010; Kim et al, 2016; reviewed in Camargo et al, 2009). Myelin-specific expression of HMGCR depends on binding of sterol response binding factor 2 (SREBF2) to its cognate SRE site in the HMGCR promoter (Vallett et al, 1996; Pai et al, 1998; LeBlanc et al, 2005). SREBF2-dependent expression of HMGCR is increased with co-expression of EGR2, suggesting that the transcription factors synergistically activate expression (LeBlanc et al, 2005).

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