G2/M Checkpoints

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Homo sapiens
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G2/M checkpoints include the checks for damaged DNA, unreplicated DNA, and checks that ensure that the genome is replicated once and only once per cell cycle. If cells pass these checkpoints, they follow normal transition to the M phase. However, if any of these checkpoints fail, mitotic entry is prevented by specific G2/M checkpoint events.

The G2/M checkpoints can fail due to the presence of unreplicated DNA or damaged DNA. In such instances, the cyclin-dependent kinase, Cdc2(Cdk1), is maintained in its inactive, phosphorylated state, and mitotic entry is prevented. Events that ensure that origins of DNA replication fire once and only once per cell cycle are also an example of a G2/M checkpoint.

In the event of high levels of DNA damage, the cells may also be directed to undergo apopotosis (not covered).

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