OGG1 glycosylase mediated recognition and binding of an 8-oxoguanine opposite to a cytosine

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Homo sapiens
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OGG1 is an N-glycosylase and DNA lyase that recognizes oxidative DNA damage in the form of 8-oxoguanine (8oxoG). 8oxoG forms at a high frequency in the DNA of aerobic organisms. As 8oxoG has a preference for mispairing with adenine, it is one of the underlying causes of G:C -> T:A transversions, the type of mutation frequently found in cancer (Aburatani et al. 1997, Rosenquist et al. 1997, Roldan-Arjona et al. 1997, Radicella et al. 1997, Bjoras et al. 1997, Bruner et al. 2000).
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