Marco Meras-Rios

Reviewed Reactions (5/5)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2018-08-10 R-HSA-9010096 Gamma-secretase cleaves APP(672-770) to APP(672-711) and APP(672-713) BibTex
2018-08-10 R-HSA-9010091 APP translocates from plasma membrane to endosome lumen BibTex
2018-08-10 R-HSA-9010113 ADAM10:Zn2+ binds TSPANs BibTex
2018-08-10 R-HSA-9010074 ADAM10:Zn2+:TSPANs translocates from ER lumen to plasma membrane BibTex
2018-08-10 R-HSA-9010034 ADAM10:Zn2+:TSPANs cleaves APP(18-770) BibTex
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