Ligand-independent dimerization of PDGFR mutants

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Activating missense and small in-frame deletion mutations in PDGFRA occur in some cancers, including KIT-mutant negative gastroinstestinal tumors (GIST) and haematological malignancies (Corless et al, 2005; Heinrich et al, 2003; Hirota et al, 2003; Poveda et al, 2017; reviewed in Roskoski, 2018; Klug et al, 2018). Mutations cluster in the autoinhibitory juxtamembrane domain or the kinase domain, but are also found at low frequency in the transmembrane domain (Heinrich et al, 2003; Corless et al, 2005; Velghe et al, 2014; Ip et al, 2018; reviewed in Klug et al, 2018). Most characterized gain-of-function PDGFRA mutants activate aberrant signaling by promoting ligand-independent dimerization and autophosphorylation (Heinrich et al, 2003; Corless et al, 2005; Velghe et al, 2014; reviewed in Klug et al, 2018).
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Gain of function of PDGFR mutant receptors [plasma membrane]

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