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EGR2 (also known as KROX20) is a member of the Early Growth Response (EGR) gene family encoding sequence-specific Cys2-His2 DNA binding transcription factors. The EGR family are immediate early genes (IEGs) whose expression is rapidly upregulated in response to a number of external stimuli to control activation of genes involved in stress response and differentiation (reviewed in Pagel and Deindl, 2001; Bahrami and Drabløs, 2016). Roles for EGR proteins are well established in the nervous system, with EGR target genes contributing to synaptic plasticity, long-term potentiation, peripheral nerve myelination and NGF-induced neurite outgrowth (reviewed in Perez-Cadahia et al, 2011; Herdegen and Leah, 1998; O'Donovan et al, 1999)
In addition to its other roles, EGR2 is a critical regulator of myelination by Schwann cells in the peripheral nervous system (reviewed in Svaren and Meijer, 2008). Consistent with this, Schwann cells are blocked at the promyelinating stage in EGR2 knockouts in mice (Topilko et al, 1994). Expression of EGR2 during the myelination process is controlled by a myelinating Schwann cell enhancer (MSE) 35 kb downstream of the gene (Ghislain et al, 2002). The MSE is bound by SOX10, POU3F1 and POU3F2 (Ghislain and Charnay, 2006; Reiprich et al, 2010). SOX10 in turn recruits SMARCA4, HDAC1 and HDAC2 to play overlapping but non-redundant roles in activating EGR2 expression (Jacob et al, 2011; Chen et al, 2011; Weider et al, 2012).
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