SOX10 dimer binds the POU3F1 promoter

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SOX10 binds as a dimer to the Schwann cell enhancer (SCE) element in the promoter of the POU3F1 gene (Jagalur et al, 2011; Schreiner et al, 2007; Ghazvini et al, 2002; Mandemakers et al, 2000). SOX10 mediates recruitment of chromatin remodeling complexes and histone deacetlyases, including HDAC2 and SMARCA4, promoting transcriptional activation of POU3F1 (Jacob et al, 2011; Weider et al, 2012).
POU3F1 protein (also known as OCT6) is required in conjunction with EGR2 to ensheath axonal neurons of the peripheral nervous system with myelin (reviewed in Svaren and Meijer, 2008). The myelination program is initiated by extracellular axonal signals such as NRG, Neuregulin1, Notch ligands and neurotrophins and is transmitted to the nucleus, ultimately controling expression of myelin-related genes, including myelin protein zero (MPZ) and myelin basic protein (MBP), among others. After synthesis, OCT6 acts in conjunction with SOX10 and EGR2, a master regulator of myelination, to drive expression of these genes (reviewed in Svaren and Meijer, 2008; Stolt and Wegner, 2016).

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