p-S133 CREB and p-S103 SRF bind the EGR1 promoter

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Expression of EGR1 depends in part on the binding of phosphorylated CREB and SRF factors to their cognate sites in the promoter (Quereshi et al, 1991; Alexandre et al, 1991; McMahon et al, 1995; Chen et al, 2004; Vickers et al, 2004; Tyan et al, 2008; David et al, 2005; Esnault et al, 2017). Phosphorylation of CREB can be mediated by RSK proteins, MAPKAPK2 or by SGK (de Cesare et al, 1998; Bonni et al, 1995; David et al, 2005; Tyan et al, 2008). SGK-mediated phosphorylation of SRF has also been implicated in the activation of EGR1 gene expression (Tyan et al, 2008).

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