TYSND1 cleaves peroxisomal proteins

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Homo sapiens
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After proteins are imported into the peroxisome a subset of proteins are cleaved by the protease TYSND1 (Okumoto et al. 2011). Based onmutagenesis of human TYSND1 (Okumoto et al. 2011) and the homolog in Arabidopsis (Schuhmann et al. 2008), TYSND1 appears to be a trypsin-like serine protease containing a conserved histidine aspartate serine triad essential for catalysis. Mice lacking Tysnd1 have reduced peroxisomal localization of some peroxisomal enzymes and exhibit reduced beta-oxidation of fatty acids and metabolism of phytanic acid (Mizuno et al. 2013). Male mice lacking Tysnd1 are sterile due to sperm that lack acrosomal caps.
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