PARN deadenylates mRNA

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The PARN exoribonuclease hydrolyzes adenosine residues at the 3' ends of polyadenylated mRNA, shortening the poly(A) tail from about 80 adenosine residues to about 10-15 residues and yielding adenosine 5'-monophosphate. PARN interacts simultaneously with the poly(A) tail and with the 7-methylguanosine cap of the mRNA, therefore it is believed that PARN displaces the eIF4F cap-binding complex. The trigger for deadenylation by PARN is unknown. PARN is also part of a complex that regulates poly(A) tail length and hence translation in developing oocytes.
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poly(A)-specific ribonuclease activity of PARN homodimer [cytosol]

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