DOHH:Fe2+ hydroxylates Dhp-K50-EIF5A to form Hyp-K50-EIF5A

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Homo sapiens
EIF5A(Dhp) + O2 => EIF5A(Hyp)
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Cytosolic deoxyhypusine hydroxylase (DOHH) complexed with Fe2+ catalyzes the irreversible hydroxylation of peptidyl deoxyhypusine (Dhp-K50-EIF5A) to peptidyl hypusine (Hyp-K50-EIF5A) using molecular oxygen. The only known substrate for this enzyme is the modified lysine at residue 50 of the two isoforms of eIF5A (Clement et al. 2003; Kang et al. 2007; Kim et al. 2006).

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deoxyhypusine monooxygenase activity of DOHH:Fe++ [cytosol]

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