Francesca Granucci

University of Milano-Bicocca, Department of Biotechnology and Biosciences
Reviewed Pathways (2/2)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2016-05-12 R-HSA-5686938 Regulation of TLR by endogenous ligand BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-166020 Transfer of LPS from LBP carrier to CD14 BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/23)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2016-05-12 R-HSA-6805943 S100A1 binds TLR4:LY96 BibTex
2016-05-12 R-HSA-8870678 Cleaved fibrinogen products bind TLR4:LY96 BibTex
2016-05-12 R-HSA-5432849 S100A8:S100A9 binds TLR4:LY96 BibTex
2016-05-12 R-HSA-5432825 HMGB1 binds TLR4:LY96 BibTex
2016-05-12 R-HSA-6805981 HMGB1 release from cells BibTex
2016-05-12 R-HSA-6804100 HMGB1 binds LPS BibTex
2016-05-12 R-HSA-8869667 oxLDL:CD36 binds TLR4:TLR6 BibTex
2016-05-12 R-HSA-6804099 HMGB1 binds LTP BibTex
2016-05-12 R-HSA-8869694 oxPL binds CD14 BibTex
2016-05-12 R-HSA-5432852 SFTPA/SFTPD binds TLR4:LY96 BibTex
2016-05-12 R-HSA-8869683 oxPL binds LBP BibTex
2016-05-12 R-HSA-5432814 SFTPA/SFTPD binds TLR2:TLR1 BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-2559464 TLR6/2 ligand associates with CD14 and CD36 within lipid rafts BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-2559468 TLR1/2 ligand binds to CD14 BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-166041 Transfer of LPS onto TLR4 BibTex
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