quizartinib-resistant FLT3 mutants don't bind quizartinib

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The following FLT3 mutants are resistant to quizartinib (also known as AC220):
FLT3 A627P (Williams et al, 2013)
FLT3 F691L (Albers et al, 2013; Baker et al, 2013; Galanis et al, 2014; Smith et al, 2015; Williams et al, 2013)
FLT3 Y842C (partial: Williams et al, 2013)
FLT3 Y842H (partial: Albers et al, 2013)
FLT3 N676D (partial: Albers et al, 2013)
FLT3 D835A (Nguyen et al, 2017)
FLT3 D835F (Galanis et al, 2014; Smith et al, 2012; 2013;2015)
FLT3 D835H (Baker et al, 2013; Galanis et al, 2014; Smith et al, 2015)
FLT3 D835V (Galanis et al, 2014; Smith et al, 2012; 2013;2015)
FLT3 D835Y (Galanis et al, 2014; Moore et al, 2012: Nguyen et al, 2017; Smith et al, 2012; 2013;2015)
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Loss of function of quizartinib-resistant FLT3 mutants [plasma membrane]

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cancer DOID:162 malignant tumor, malignant neoplasm, primary cancer
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