PDE6D binds S-Farn-Me KRAS4B:CALM:4 Ca2+

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PDE6D binds to prenylated KRAS4B after calmodulin-stimulated dissociation from the plasma membrane (Chandra et al, 2011; Zhang et al, 2004; Weise et al, 2012; Dharmaiah et al, 2016; reviewed in Schmick et al, 2015; Baehr et al, 2014). Interaction with PDE6D may facilitate the return of KRAS4B to the plasma membrane by promoting subsequent interaction with ARL2 or ARL3 (Ismail et al, 2011; Schmick et al, 2014; Sperlich et al, 2016). This pathway counters the tendency of KRAS4B to diffuse throughout the extensive endomembrane system of the cell, in a manner analogous to the dynamic palmitoylation/depalmitoylation cycle for NRAS and HRAS (Dekker et al, 2010; Rocks et al, 2010; Schmick et al, 2014; reviewed in Schmick et al, 2015).
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