ATP2C1/2:Mg2+ transport cytosolic Ca2+ to Golgi lumen

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Homo sapiens
Calcium is sequestered to the golgi by secretory pathway calcium-ATPases (SPCAs)
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Accumulation of calcium into the Golgi apparatus is mediated by sarco(endo)plasmic reticulum calcium-ATPases (SERCAs) and by secretory pathway calcium-ATPases (SPCAs). There are two human genes which encode SPCAs; ATP2C1 and ATP2C2 which encode magnesium-dependent calcium-transporting ATPase type 2C members 1 and 2 (ATP2C1 and 2) respectively (Sudbrak et al, 2000; Vanoevelen et al, 2005). Defects in ATP2C1 are the cause of Hailey-Hailey disease (HHD), an autosomal dominant disease characterized by persistent blisters and erosions of the skin (Hu et al, 2000).

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P-type calcium transporter activity of ATP2C1/2:Mg2+ [Golgi membrane]

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