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Interleukin 1 family member 10 (IL1F10, IL 38) is a member of the IL1 family (Lin et al. 2001, Bensen et al. 2001). IL1F10 can bind with X linked interleukin 1 receptor accessory protein like 1 (IL 1RAPL 1) (Mora et al. 2016). Stimulated IL1RAPL1 can activate Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase 8 (MAPK8, JNK1) signaling, which is required for transcription factor AP 1 activation (Born T L et al. 2000, Khan J A et al. 2004). Full length (1 – 152 amino acids) and N terminal truncated (20 – 152 amino acids) IL1F10 can bind with IL1RAPL1. The binding affinity of truncated IL1F10 is much higher than that of the full length. Binding of truncated IL1F10 to IL1RAPL1 results in inhibition of JNK signaling, which consequently leads to IL6 suppression (Mora et al. 2016). This is represented as a black box event because the mechanism of MAPK8 activation by IL1RAPL1 is uncertain.

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