IL9 binds IL9R:JAK1 and IL2RG:JAK3

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Interleukin-9 (IL9) binds to the Interleukin-9 receptor (IL9R) and Cytokine common gamma chain subunit (IL2RG) forming a ligand-receptor complex (Kimura et al 1995, Nizsalóczki et al. 2014). IL2RG is essential for IL9 dependent growth signal transduction (Kimura et al. 1995). IL9R (glycoprotein of 64 kDa) has saturable and specific binding sites with a Kd of 100 pM (Renauld et al. 1992). IL9R colocalize with Interleukin-2 receptors and MHC molecules in lipid rafts of human T lymphoma cells so it is suggested that interactions within these membrane clusters could affect the assembly and signaling capability of the receptors (Nizsalóczki et al. 2014). Moreover, there is evidence that Tyrosine protein kinase JAK1 (JAK1) cooperates with Tyrosine protein kinase JAK3 (JAK3) in signaling through IL2RG-containing receptors (Haan et al. 2011).
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