Polyglutamylase complex (TTLL1) polyglutamylates alpha subunits of tubulin

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Homo sapiens
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Polyglutamylase complex polyglutamylates alpha subunits of tubulin in the brain. The complex contains TTLL1 (Tubulin tyrosine ligase-like 1) protein. The human complex has not been characterized experimentally. Its organization and function have been inferred from biochemical and genetic studies of its mouse counterpart. The mouse complex has been isolated and four additional protein components have been identified (Janke et al. 2005). A mouse mutation that disrupts one of these, Tpgs1, is associated with failure of polyglytamylation of alpha-chains in microtubules (Ikegami et al. 2007). In this event polyglutamylation is arbitrarily shown on only one tubulin protofilament within the microtubule.
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tubulin-glutamic acid ligase activity of polyglutamylase complex [cytosol]

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